Numa is disrupting the traditional hospitality industry with a completely new approach to technology while developing a worldwide consumer brand.

We establish and operate a new lifestyle apartment category perfect for any journey, whether you need a weekend getaway, a remote-working change of scenery, or a temporary home in a new city. Located in Europe’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods and cities, our unashamedly original apartments emphasize consistent quality and local heritage empowered by modern technology.

🚀  Technology plays a key part in our vision!

The exciting part of numa’s technology is the connection of a physical product with the digital world.

We disrupt traditional hospitality on 3 fronts:

Our team philosophy

We heavily believe in empowered & autonomous teams. Therefore our teams are cross-functional (Product, Engineering, QA, DevOps) and are divided into Platform & Product teams.

Our platform teams are building the operational backbone of our system. This includes a massive amount of automations, abstractions of complex business logic & 3rd party systems and applications for internal users (e.g. our Operations team).

The product teams focus on the digital journey of our guests. Since the heavy backend parts are handled by our platform teams, the product teams can really focus on building a best-in-class user experience across all our web- and mobile products.

We aim for high talent density and value diversity. Instead of bloating up the teams, we only hire additions if we are 100% convinced about cultural fit and skillset. If you are interested in joining our team, check our open positions here.

Our engineering principles

Keep it simple

Period. Complexity compounds issues.

You build, you run it, you own it

We believe in full cycle development, where every individual engineer owns the entire development lifecycle from designing a solution, over implementing, shipping and monitoring it in production.

Our technology stack is designed around this principle. Therefore we are heavy utilizing the serverless ecosystem on AWS provisioned through IaC. Utilizing AWS Lambda and deployment frameworks like SST allow us to spend the majority of our time on generating business value.